Female Sexual Dysfunction Causes And Treatment

I would like to take a few moments to talk with you about a common problem that affects millions of American women – female sexual dysfunction. In this brief article, I will discuss with you the causes of female sexual dysfunction and also what treatment is available for this common condition affecting so many women.

The definition of female sexual dysfunction is the lack of enjoyment from sexual intimacy. It may be a problem with getting aroused, it may be a problem with orgasm, or it may be associated with lack of enjoyment and satisfaction from being intimate with your partner. Female sexual dysfunction affects 43% of the women in the United States, so you are not alone. Most of the time female sexual dysfunction occurs after menopause.

Causes of Female Sexual Dysfunction

The causes of female sexual dysfunction include alcohol, depression, anxiety, emotional problems, illnesses, the problem of a negative body perception and as well as stress. Female sexual dysfunction can be divided into two categories: one is hormonal, the other is due to vascular causes.

The vascular causes are the result of decreased blood supply to the pelvic region. As a result, it causes reduced sensitivity particularly to the clitoris and the vaginal area. It is also associated with dryness, and as a result, it impairs arousal and lubrication. Vascular causes of female sexual dysfunction are associated with medical conditions such as diabetes and atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Now looking at the second cause that is the hormonal cause, this is a result of decrease estrogen as well as testosterone, which is caused by aging.  Estrogen is associated with the sexual desire in women. Testosterone, which is primarily a hormone that produced in men, also is involved in a role of the sensitivity of the breast and the clitoris in women. For those, who have diminished sexual desire and sensitivity, it may be a result of menopause or hysterectomy, especially if the ovaries were removed at the time of the hysterectomy.

There are other medical causes such as drugs and medications: birth control pills, drugs used to treat depression called SSRIs, the benzodiazepines, and chemotherapy drugs can significantly impact a woman’s ability to engage in intimacy with her partner. Also, smoking has an effect on the blood vessels and decreases the blood supply to these very sensitive tissues. Surgery near the reproductive organs such as surgery on the bladder can result in a problem of female sexual dysfunction.

I also would like to point out that urinary incontinence or involuntary loss of urine can be associated with so much embarrassment that the women wish to avoid sexual intimacy because of the embarrassing situation. Vaginal atrophy is a condition as a result of a decrease in estrogen to the vaginal tissues.

How to Treat FSD

The treatment of female sexual dysfunction is to identify the cause and then provide the treatment. If there is a problem of decrease in estrogen, then it is a simple matter to replace the estrogen level to reach a normal value. If the problem is a vascular disorder, then the underlying vascular disorders such as diabetes is treated.

Hormone replacement therapy for estrogen deficiency or testosterone deficiency is as simple as returning the blood levels to normal, which can easily be measured by a blood test to check the estrogen and testosterone levels.

Vascular disorders are to treat the underlying vascular condition. And there are topical creams such as Sensua, which increase the sensitivity and assist in achieving an orgasm. Since Sensua is an amino acid consisting of L-Argentine, which is a normal amino acid within the body.

A handheld device called Eros is recently been approved by the FDA, where it can be used three to four times per week to increase the blood supply to the clitoris and the external genitals in the vaginal area.

In summary, female sexual dysfunction is a common problem affecting millions of American women. It is usually due to hormonal, or vascular, or even psychological causes. Bottom line – treatment is available. And if you are suffering from female sexual dysfunction, speak to your physician because you don’t have to suffer the problems associated with female sexual dysfunction.

Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction

In this article, I want to talk about some natural cures for erectile dysfunction. Let’s take a look at what we have.

First of all, ED has a number of different causes, and they fall into different boxes. One is mental or emotional, and they really amount to stress, lack of sleep, performance anxiety, those type of things. Then there’s disease kind of processes, things that go on with your prostate: prostate cancer, prostate surgery, autoimmune diseases, and diseases of nerve body, such as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis. But the most common cause of ED is something called poor blood flow, and that’s definitely related to things like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and something that called metabolic syndrome.

I’m going to look at four different treatments or four different ways that help alleviate erectile dysfunction symptoms, and they may seem different, but they all have one thing in common, and that is to increase the availability of nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is essential for proper blood flow and to help maintain and have erections.

Eat flavonoid-rich foods

So the first is to eat flavonoid-rich foods, it is pretty much most of your fruits: blueberries, cherries, blackberries, citrus fruits; red wines also excellent; some vegetable, radishes for instance. And these guys have high flavonoid profiles, which help your body to produce nitric oxide.

Take L-Arginine supplement

Something called L-Arginine, which is a supplement really important for the production of nitric oxide and actually it’s a precursor for nitric oxide in your body. The thing to remember about a L-Arginine is that when you look at it in capsule form at the health food store or the vitamin shop, they’re usually in 500 milligrams or grams sizes and the therapeutic dose is five grams at least once a day. And I recommend more than that of a particular compound that I like, but that’s just a lot of L-Arginine capsules, but don’t think it doesn’t work because you’re taking two or three of the caps and you’re only getting the gram and a half where you should be taken 10 or 15 grams initially.

L-Arginine is presented in male enhancement pills like Vig Rx Plus, Extenze, Prosolution Pills. It’s a key ingredient, that improves libido and increase your erection levels.

Maintaining a healthy weight

It is super-important only because excess weight leads to high blood pressure, it can lead to diabetes, which also all the two problems with the lining of your arteries, which result in reduced blood flow and the decrease in nitric oxide in your body.

 Consider hormone therapy

Hormone therapy isn’t quite related to blood flow, but you do need testosterone levels at a certain level to at least have enough desire to want to have sex, to want to have an erection. And there is some bleed over into hormone balance and the ability to have an erection. So it’s a really good idea to get your hormone levels checked in a full blood panel with your doctor.

The ability to have an erection is based on blood flow, and the best way to work with blood flow is something called nitric oxide. And nitric oxide therapies are a natural way to get enough nitric oxide into your system and to heal the lining of your blood vessels, which then helps with high blood pressure, cholesterol issues, complications of diabetes, and what we’re talking about is erectile dysfunction.