Credit Card Solution For Your Website

BillingFrance® allows any website, web merchant, online business to propose a secure payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, …) on its website without any further technical or human investment.

Specialized in Micropayments of online services (access to strong value added content through renewable subscription or short limited access), BillingFrance® also includes a high protection system of the private part of your website to forbid any unautorised access.

BillingFrance® handles all banking, risk management, customer service issues for Internet merchants selling services. We also offer telephone billing services.

Thanks to its personal business reporting tools interface, you can, in real time, modify your account by adding new products, checking your customers files or real time sales reports.

The set up is FREE, reserved to professional companies in Europe and the rest of the world.
You do not need to have a merchant account to use our solution.

No monthly subscription, we only take a percentage on sales.

Our solution processes automatic subscription renewals as well as the stopping of the access when the subscription is over.

More than a simple payment system, BillingFrance® is a complete platform of secure payment by credit card with an international coverage.
By outsourcing your credit card payment solution to us, you can fully concentrate your time on working on your business development.

How The Credit Card Transaction Works with BillingFrance®

  1. Your customer selects the subscription chosen on a page of your website. Our solution allows you to manage short time access, subscription with automatic renewal as well as trial membership (“trial membership”, example : access 3 days for 6 Euros renewed by a monthly subscription with automatic renewal for 15 Euros).
  2. The customer is then redirected to the secure server of BillingFrance® . The data used between the customer and the server is crypted by a 128 bit encryption with an SSL certificate allowing a total security !
  3. The customer fills out a form, simple and clear :
    To see the demo, click here.
  4. The web server checks the validity of the information given by the customer (Exclusive and Advanced fraud control ) and contacts in real time the international banking system to check if the credit card is valid.
  5. The transaction is quickly accepted (usually in 5 seconds) and the customer is given a login and password to access immediately to the paid service or content. The customer also receives by e-mail a transaction receipt resuming the informations about its subscription or payment.
  6. If it is a subscription with automatic renewal, the customer can cancel this renewal at any time, by a simple click on the online interface of unsubscription.
    The webmerchant receives immediately by e-mail a transaction receipt about the new customer and can check his personal interface with all the sales reports and customer files. You can also add or place new offers in real time.