Main Functions

BillingFrance®, an online Secure credit card payment processing solution, allows you to outsource all the credit card billing payments with a unique online interface.

You have an online service that you want to charge through subscriptions or limited time access payment, you want your customers to be billed automatically ? Then BillingFrance is made for you and your customers by offering :

  • A multilingual online sales interface with securised payment by credit card that can be implemented in minutes on a website.
  • Real time transactions, fast (5 seconds usually)
  • Advanced fraud control reducing risks of chargebacks !
  • Strong protection of your customers personal data
  • A useful tool of data to improve your accounting and your customer service
  • A personal business interface with real useful follow-up tools (real time sales status, complete statistics, …)
  • Sophisticated business management tools to ease the access to your content for your customers : subscription, automatic renewals, cancellations, …
  • A complete billing service for online businesses who do not have a merchant account
  • Professional online technical support with strong reactivity for your customers.

Using our services, you also have a strong marketing tool with strong added value including powerful Affiliation tools. Your online success relies on customer development and trust.
That’s why we have developed simple, reliable and efficient tools to allow clients to share revenues generated by subscriptions through affiliation, our solution allows you to manage affiliated websites

Easy to install on your website, no heavy and costly development or software are necessary. Our mutualised solution brings trust to your customers and improves online payments!

Practical Aspects

What are the main functions of the personal business interface?

Accessible after authentification, the business interface allows you to see in real time the various data concerning your BillingFrance accounts.

You can :

  • Visualize your sales status for some product;
  • Access to detailed and efficient statistics (Renewal rates, usual amount of transaction, sales by country, by products…);
  • Check your customer files and sales statistics;
  • Modify your personal administrative information in case of address modification, for example;
  • Modify the content of the e-mail sent to your new customers or those cancelling their subscription;
  • Manage your products and offers by adding/changing the choice of subscriptions, with an immediate effect ;
  • Propose and Manage an affiliation program, ready to work immediately with money sharing revenue with your affiliates.