Securisation of Payment

Our solution use many functionalities allowing powerful securisation
for the customer as well as for the merchant.

1. Security for the online customer:

Strong 128 Bits SSL: To securise the data communication between the payment server and the online customer, BillingFrance® uses the SSL protocole (Secure Socket Layer). Developped by Netscape, this technology allows to crypt the totality of the data communicated between 2 computers on the internet…
BillingFrance® uses a 128 Bits key (strong).

Protection of data: To keep secure all the data in its database, BillingFrance® manages its own crypting system close to the one used by the banking business. Besides, our payment servers are protected with alarms and restricted access and by firewalls with detection of intrusion, hacking through the internet.

Customer banking information: The credit card number of the customer is always crypted on the internet. The number is never communicated to the webmerchant, only BillingFrance® and the banking network get this data.

Anti-duplicates: To avoid multiple debits on its credit card because of repeated attempts by the customer, BillingFrance® uses a unique anti-duplicates solution which detects if the customer already has a valid paid access to the webmerchant website. Instead of re-charging for a new access, the online customer is recalled about its access and given again its password, login and deadline of subscription. The customer can also receives this information by e-mail.

Customer interface to unsubscribe: If you sell subscription with automatic renewal, the online customer can, at any moment, thanks to an online interface, cancel his automatic renewalable subscription. The online customer will have access to a private part of the merchant website until the end of his paid subscription but will not be charged again for a further subscription. After canceling his subscription, the customer receives a confirmation message of unsubscription by e-mail.

Efficient customer service: In case of problem or for any question dealing with a paid access or billing information, the customer can contact our technical support by e-mail where a technician will quickly answer his request.

2. Security for the webmerchant:

BillingFrance® uses powerful and sophisticated control processes of credit card validity to reduce the risk of chargebacks :

Typical controls:

  • Algorythm key of Luhn allowing to filter wrong credit card numbers;
  • Control of expiration date;
  • Checking of credit card number with an efficient black list allowing to refuse credit cards;
    with a bad payment history or previous rejection by our payment solution;
  • Access denied and forbiden after wrong and suspect attempts.

Behavior analysis: Our secure access by credit card includes an exclusive system of control and analysis of the online customer behavior. This process allows to detect in real time, from fraud attempts (automatically generated credit card number tests, wrong coordination of data, …) and to block new attempts.

Powerful Checks with the banking network: BillingFrance® is connected to the banking network in real time to check the validity of the credit card.

This allows to stop credit cards like:

  • Mathematically generated credit card numbers with no real card holder;
  • Credit cards signaled on the banking network black lists;
  • Stolen or lost credit cards;
  • Good credit card but without credit on the banking account.

This process is done after all checks starting at the first Euro/Dollar spent (usually, merchant credit card machines start to check at 91,50 €uros). This process checks Visa / Mastercard / Eurocard / Maestro internationally!